Bal du Mont-Royal | CHU sainte-justine Foundation




Scenographie – artistic integration.

The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation and the Young Leaders Circle turned towards MASSIVart to transform the famou Bal du Mont-Royal in a new gleeful event.


In order to gather funds for the Centre d’excellence en soins intensifs du nouveau-né du CHU Sainte-Justine, which acts for the cause of premature babies as well as support for the families, a party was organized in the Montreal Science Center.

For this occasion, MASSIVart presented a vast array of creative content on the theme of Japanese blossom, including the VIP space design, the creation of 4 bars, a Japanese wish tree, unique Japanese-inspired prints made by Lilian Coquillaud, the screening of VJ Diagraf’s works on 4 walls, and the creation of a floral wall.


With the attendance of more than 1500 young entrepreneurs, this new edition of the Bal du Mont-Royal was a frank success: $145,000 were collected for the CHU Saint-Justine Foundation. The party was amplified by an exceptional space design and unique creative integrations.