Official launching party | Esplanade


Artistic integration.


For the opening of its new co-working space, L’Esplanade called upon MASSIVart to conceive an event equal to the importance of the celebration.


Having as its mission to propel the community of citizens and entrepreneurs dedicated to social innovation, L’Esplanade has inaugurated its first co-working space.

For this major event, MASSIVart put forward a festive and cosy artistic programming: the musical line-up was composed of DJ Liam and Noo-Ban; Etienne Nixon, Jason Wasserman and Danica Olders realized three live murals; and some exclusive VJing content was projected in the reimagined space.


An ephemeral scenography fitting the organization’s image allowed the 300 guests to witness the creation of four murals in a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.