Enhance the Planet Quebec booth by gathering 10 Québec companies part of the creative and digital economy at the SXSW trade show. As a real economic mission, we went to put the Québec know how on the map with the ministry of economy at SXSW.



Thanks to its 75,000 visitors from the music, interactive media and cinema industry, the yearly festival SXSW became unavoidable. MASSIVart has been charged by the Ministry of economy during the Planet Québec @ SXSW initiative to showcase the Quebec creativity and know-how in the heart of the SXSW trade show. We united 10 actors of the Québec creative scene during 4 days by creating meet-ups, surprises and business opportunities. Visitors also discovered the works from Daniel Iregui, Vincent Raineri and Gregory C. Brunet on the media tower we created just for the occasion.
With the support of LOJIQ.


11 to 16th March 2016