TEDx | HEC Montréal

Artistic Integration

Artistic integration

Stimulate exchanges through interactive artistic installations, causing participants to react.


MASSIVart created several distinct activations in the reception space leading participants through the interactive installations.Visitors were able to discover the works of Judith Portier and Vincent Raineri, and exercise their own artistic abilities with the screen printing workshop and the “Chromatographes” , fabulous drawing machines created by the design studio Ta Camaraderie which recreated the world through the tree of ideas.
Participants were then able to relax in the lounge that was integrated into the space and reflect on their experience.


450 participants were invited to engage in creative exchanges, to be exposed as well as expose themselves to new ideas in art installations and welcome reflection and the discovery of the creative work of Lux Vespera, Labrona, La Camaraderie, Vincent Raineri, Caroline Dejeneffe and Judith Porter.