Weird International Collage Show

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MASSIVart is proud to host the Canadian premiere of the Weird International Collage Show


The Weird Show became the main catalyst for collage artists today to reinvent, experiment and challenge the historical limitations of this art form. Created by Rubén B and Máximo Tuja (Max-o-matic), The Weird Show has joined the global collage community bonding through exhibitions, workshops and the International Collage Show, becoming an essential resource for collage art. In the past, exhibitions were presented in Madrid (Spain), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), San José (Costa Rica), Quito (Ecuador), Lima (Peru) and New York (USA) . Montreal, the ninth stop in this endless world tour, will continue the tradition of providing WEIRD collage artists everywhere an outlet to express their voice, offering a glimpse into the indefinite and universal stories that bring us together. Alan Ganev, longtime collaborator of Weird Show, joined curators Rubén B and Max-o-matic, creating a selection of some of the most prestigious artists bonding worldwide to present a work always pushing the limits of what we know as collage


Date: May 1- 30

Opening: May 14th from de 6pm-11pm