MassivArt Studio

MASSIVart Studio offers experience design services. Our multidisciplinary team design and produce the best experiences from scratch to activate your brand in the most innovative way. Stunts, events, product launch, festivals, sponsorship activations, public spaces, there is not limit to our expertise in experential marketing.

We conceive memorable art-driven experiences. We work with artists to bring your brand closer to your audience and provide the best ideas for your projects.

• Concepts and ideas development
• Creative strategies conception
• Brainstorm sessions
• Art driven PR strategies

We enhance projects with an impactful artistic direction. Our artistic expertise brings light on your concept through art.

• Tailored artist, designer and performer selection
• Event props and decor conception
• Trends insights
• Overarching and coherent art recommendations

We create emotion-driven events. Years of know-how and art insights made us absolute event producers in the industry.

• Project and budget management
• Scenography and 3D renders
• Venue scouting, rental and negociation
• Technical planning and implantation
• Catering and other suppliers management
• Signage design and printing
• Pacing control and event gamification

We produce art pieces and installation for marketing campaigns, events, real estate and architecture projects. Our network of artists and our knowledge get you the best of creativity every time.

• Original artworks
• Interactive and digital installations
• Live performances
• Contemplative and immersive art pieces
• Paintings and murales
• Large-scale sculptures
• Sound design
• Public art
• Digital projection & videomapping creation