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Artistic integration

Kristian Manchester, Stéphane Missier, Danny Demers and The Homey BDP have approached MASSIVart for the installation of the HABITAT exhibition’s first presentation and the launch of The Homey BDP’s first album, within the 2013 Miami Art Basel.


MASSIVart oversaw the production of a custom structure to feature 20 photographs (4’ x 6’) of Stéphane Missier and Kristian Manchester, as well as the graphic design work of Danny Demers.

Also organized was “The Homey BDP’s” show for his album launch.

And coordination and management of the installation of invited artists: En Masse, Vincent Raineri and Laurence Vallières.


This exhibition was presented in the massive venue that is the Mana Production Village of Wynwood for the “Shoot for the Moon” show, produced by the Wynwood Embassy.
The exhibit reached, during the 5 days, more than 30 000 attendees and gave them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work of Montreal artists for this first edition of HABITAT.

Worked in collaboration with SID LEE Collective.
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